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The Southern Poetry Anthology
Volume I: South Carolina

282 pp. (2008)

Edited by Stephen Gardner and William Wright

Featuring the poetry of seventy-six poets, including George Garrett, Stephen Corey, Cathy Smith Bowers, Kwame Dawes, Linda Lee Harper, Susan Ludvigson, and Ron Rash, The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume I: South Carolina serves as the catalyst volume for the entire series.

"The Southern Poetry Anthology Volume I: South Carolina includes seventy-six contemporary poets with original, energetic and unmistakable voices who have called the Palmetto state home. Shadowed and illumined by South Carolina's complex and rich heritage dating from 1514, when Spaniards explored the state's coast, this collection will enrich contemporary American life because selections reflect the multifaceted character of the state that has played a major role in events that have shaped our nation."--Vivian Shipley

"For anyone who thinks that poetry stopped in South Carolina after Henry Timrod and Paul Hamilton Hayne or, for that matter, even James Dickey, this generous and well-selected anthology of poems by poets who were born or lived in that state will prove to be a real eye-opener. These pages are full of those quiet recognitions, startling surprises, and sudden revelations of truth that only the best poetry can provide. I read it with the same kind of excitement that a good novel can provide, and I urge it upon all those readers who need to know (or who already know) that poetry is alive and well and flourishing in the Palmetto State." --R. H. W. Dillard