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volume 5 cover

The Southern Poetry Anthology
Volume V: Georgia

288 pp. (2012)

Edited by Paul Ruffin and William Wright.

"A multitude of new voices is creating a multitude of very fine poems in Georgia. Are they in the same tradition and styles as the Southern poetry of the past? Sometimes. But so many new forces are washing into our poetry now that it seems that the best approach to such flux is to be glad and to embrace those forces, to contain multitudes. So many other things are happening, and being written, that a new village of poets thrives throughout Georgia. And the editors of this anthology have indeed performed their duty well, for it is a garland of flowers, beautiful and more multicolored than anyone might have imagined, and a most wonderful way to spend some afternoons and feel the earth made new again."

--Leon Stokesbury

Foreward: William Wright

Introduction: Leon Stokesbury