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volume 3 cover

The Southern Poetry Anthology
Volume III: Contemporary Appalachia

320 pp. (2010)

Edited by Jesse Graves, Paul Ruffin,
and William Wright.

The first of the series to collect poetry from an entire sub-region of the American South, Volume III: Contemporary Appalachia, brings together eighty poets from the Southern Mountains, including Fred Chappell, Charles Wright, Ron Rash, Robert Morgan, and Lynn Powell.

"For reasons that are not entirely clear, there has been an explosion of poetry in the Southern Appalachian region in recent years. Perhaps this creative surge has been inspired by the rapid changes in the region, as the vast hunting ranges of the Cherokees are crossed by superhighways, and golf courses, casinos, condominiums, and shopping malls spread into the shadows of the highest peaks. Or perhaps the poetry is a celebration of a region still discovering itself, its heritage and resources. What is clear is that much of the best poetry of our time is being written in or about the Southern mountains, with unprecedented diversity, artistry, freshness, and humanity. Here is a poetry of place and people, of history, sometimes sad, often comic, a poetry of haunting voices, vision, music and story. This anthology is a showcase of some of the best poetry we have, from the place the music comes from." —Robert Morgan

William Wright's Foreword to Contemporary Appalachia

Jesse Graves's Introduction to Contemporary Appalachia